Humidity data loggers with connectable probes

Our humidity data loggers with connectable probes are flexible and versatile. Our all-rounders can be combined with numerous probes for humidity and temperature. No matter whether in museums, archives, storage, refrigerated or work rooms – our high-quality data loggers mean you are ideally equipped for continuous monitoring of ambient conditions in rooms.

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  • testo Saveris 2-H2 -
    WiFi data logger with display and connectable temperature and humidity probe

    Order-Nr. 0572 2035

    The WiFi data logger testo Saveris 2-H2 allows you to monitor the temperatures and humidity in refrigerated and work- or storerooms. The temperature and humidity values measured with the connectable probe are reliably recorded over long periods, and transmitted directly to the Testo Cloud (online data storage) via your wireless LAN. You can access these readings at any time, anywhere, using your internet-enabled smartphone, tablet or PC.
    • Automated temperature and humidity monitoring with connectable probe

    • WiFI data logger system with easy installation and operation

    • Call up measurement data at any time via Smartphone, tablet or PC

    • Limit value violation alarms by e-mail or (optionally) SMS

    AED 1 011.00
    excl. VAT
  • testo 160 THE - WiFi data logger with integrated temperature and humidity sensor and 2 connections for probes

    Order-Nr. 0572 2023

    Protect your valuable exhibits and archived material with WiFi data logger testo 160 THE for temperature, humidity, lux and UV radiation. The testo 160 THE air logger with integrated temperature and humidity sensor and connection options for 2 probes ensures comprehensive monitoring of the ambient climate in museums, depots and archives at all times.
    • Ideal for your monitoring situation: integrated temperature and humidity sensor, as well as connection options for 2 additional probes

    • Blends in perfectly with the surroundings thanks to an optional, customisable deco-cover

    • Perfectly networked: data storage in the Testo Cloud, real-time alarm via email or SMS (optional in conjunction with an Advanced licence)

    • Simple to install, integrate and operate

    AED 1 071.00
    excl. VAT
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