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  • USB interface for data loggers

    Order-Nr. 0572 0500

    Use the USB interface to transmit the data logger's readings to the PC. Using the latest version of the testo ComSoft software, you can read out and analyze the readings - and you can also programme the data logger individually.
    • For transferring readings to your PC

    AED 340.00
    excl. VAT
  • Alarm module (visual + acoustic)

    Order-Nr. 0572 9999

    Alarm module (visual + acoustic), can be connected to base alarm relay. Ø 70 × 164 mm, 24 V AC/DC/320 mA, steady red light, continuous tone: Buzzer approx. 2.4 kHz (mains unit 0554 1749 required).
  • Mains unit for wireless LAN data logger

    Order-Nr. 0572 2020

    Mains unit for wireless LAN data logger for optional, external power supply of the WiFi data loggers.
    • 1.5 m USB cable

    • Micro USB on power supply

    • Not to be used for connection for PC

    • Use short cable (included)

    AED 108.00
    excl. VAT
  • Humidity module for testo 625 and radio handles

    Order-Nr. 0636 9725

    Humidity module for attachment to the testo 625 thermohygrometer and Testo radio handles.
    • Can be attached to the testo 625 thermohygrometer and Testo radio handles (both available to order separately)

    • For wireless humidity measurements (with radio handle)

    • Temperature measuring range: -10 to +60 °C

    AED 404.00
    excl. VAT
  • testo SuperResolution - Upgrade for Testo thermal imagers

    Order-Nr. 0554 7806

    With the patent-pending SuperResolution upgrade, you can capture extremely high-resolution infrared images (up to megapixel quality) with your Testo thermal imager. The SuperResolution upgrade improves the usable geometric resolution of the thermal image by a factor of 1.6 – with four times as many measuring values.
    • More accuracy and security in every measurement

    • More detailed thermal images with four times more measurement values

    • Real temperature measurement values – no artificial intermediate values

    • Easy upgrade of your Testo thermal imager via internet

    AED 1 286.00
    excl. VAT
  • Mobile printer for data loggers - Mobile printer for data loggers

    Order-Nr. 0572 0576

    Using data loggers from Testo and need to produce quick proof of the measured values? With our mobile printer, you can create a printout of the readings at the actual measuring location, thus providing immediate proof.
    • Handy printer 

    • Printout of readings at the measuring location

    • For data loggers in the testo 175, testo 176 and testo 184 series

    • Data logger connection via NFC or USB

    AED 1 415.00
    excl. VAT
  • TopSafe protective case

    Order-Nr. 0516 8265

    The waterproof TopSafe protective case protects the measuring instrument against impacts and dirt.
    • Waterproof protective case

    • Protects the measuring instrument against impacts and dirt

    AED 73.00
    excl. VAT
  • Spare measuring head for pipe wrap probes (TC type K)

    Order-Nr. 0602 0092

    The spare measuring head for pipe wrap probes (TC type K) enables easy and fast replacement of your old measuring head, for example in the event of damage.
    • Replaceable measuring head with thermocouple strip for temperature probe with clamping bracket 0602 4592

    • Measuring range: -60 to +130°C, briefly up to +280 °C

    • Simple pull out the old measuring head with thermocouple strip and replace with new measuring head

    • Thermocouple type K

    AED 194.00
    excl. VAT
  • Frozen food tip, 95 mm long

    Order-Nr. 0613 1052

    Use the frozen goods tip (length: 95 mm) in combination with the appropriate measuring instrument (e.g. testo 105) for the temperature measurement of deep-frozen goods.
    • For temperature measurement of deep-frozen goods

    • Reliable measurement of the core temperature of semi-solid media

    • Penetrates meat and cheese without any problems

    AED 262.00
    excl. VAT
  • Wall bracket for data loggers

    Order-Nr. 0554 1702

    Use the wall bracket to fix your data logger securely and firmly to walls.
    • For reliably securing appropriate data loggers to the wall

    • Particularly secure thanks to the lock included in delivery

    AED 77.00
    excl. VAT
  • Spare batteries

    Order-Nr. 0515 0414

    4 × AA alkaline manganese batteries
    • Batteries for operating measuring instruments at temperatures below - 10 °C

    • 4 x alkaline manganese batteries (AA batteries)

    AED 35.00
    excl. VAT
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