The software: your digital control centre

In your day-to-day work, you control all the measuring points and processes which are relevant to quality via the software. Alarm functions and stored corrective measures make it easy for managers to react quickly to a violation of limit value.

The software enables you to digitize your quality handbooks and carry out updates at any time. The quality handbooks are rolled out worldwide at the touch of a button. The software enables individual supermarkets to make adjustments to particular circumstances locally.

How to contact us.

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Digitization and roll-out

Digital quality handbooks with testo Saveris Retail Chain

Transparency for your cold chain

Transparent cold chain with testo Saveris Retail Chain

Fast data access from anywhere

Fast data access with testo Saveris Retail Chain

Escalation management

Manage escalations with testo Saveris Retail Chain

Alarms and corrective measures

testo Saveris Retail Chain's corrective measures

Efficient inspections and audits

Efficient audits with testo Saveris Retail Chain

Store data securely

Secure data storage with testo Saveris Retail Chain

Analyze and react

testo Saveris Retail Chain finds weak spots

Data analysis and benchmarking

Data analysis and benchmarking with testo Saveris Retail Chain

Global collaboration

testo Saveris Retail Chain's multilingual software

Use interfaces

testo Saveris Retail Chain uses interfaces

Authorization management

Manage authorizations with testo Saveris Retail Chain

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