Software / Firmware

  • testo usb driver - Instruction manual  (PDF, )

  • Refrigerants testo 556/560/570 (generation up to January 2007)  (ZIP, 37.9 kB) Download: Refrigerants for digital manifolds Please save the .FLA files in the directory "KMITT" of the Testo560 software.For example: C:\Program Files\Testo560\KMITTNotify: The file "" contains all available refrigerants in one ZIP-archive. Please extract the archiv before you install the refrigerants.ATTENTION:Refrigerants R717 & R723 (R717.FLA & R723.FLA) are containing ammonia can only be used with stainless steel Refrigeration Systems Analyzers.Please be aware of maximum pressure ratings when using all refrigerants, especially R-744 (CO2).

  • EasyKool software - update/demo for testo 570, 560  (v4.0 Servicepack6, EXE, 93.571 KB) (1) This is a demo version which will run 30 days on your computer. Within that time the software can be upgraded with a licence key to a full version.(2) The software runs with operating systems Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10. (3) The software needs the > Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0. It has to be installed first if it is not already installed on your computer. The installation package can be downloaded from the Microsoft webpage.(4) This software supports the analyzers testo 556, testo 560 and testo 570(5) For your own security we recommend a backup of your data before running an update.

  • EasyKool – instruction manual  (PDF, 2.3 MB)