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  • USB interface for data loggers

    Order-Nr. 0572 0500

    Use the USB interface to transmit the data logger's readings to the PC. Using the latest version of the testo ComSoft software, you can read out and analyze the readings - and you can also programme the data logger individually.
    • For transferring readings to your PC

    AED 340.00
    excl. VAT
  • Frozen food tip, 95 mm long

    Order-Nr. 0613 1052

    Use the frozen goods tip (length: 95 mm) in combination with the appropriate measuring instrument (e.g. testo 105) for the temperature measurement of deep-frozen goods.
    • For temperature measurement of deep-frozen goods

    • Reliable measurement of the core temperature of semi-solid media

    • Penetrates meat and cheese without any problems

    AED 262.00
    excl. VAT
  • Standard measurement tip, 100 mm long

    Order-Nr. 0613 1051

    With the appropriate measuring instrument, the standard measuring tip for immersion and penetration measurements enables reliable measurement of the core temperature of semi-solid media.
    • For immersion and penetration measurements

    • Reliable measurement of the core temperature of semi-solid media

    • Penetrates meat, cheese and jellies without any problems

    AED 90.00
    excl. VAT
  • Long measurement tip, 200 mm long

    Order-Nr. 0613 1053

    The long measuring tip means you are ideally equipped for temperature measurement in liquid media.
    • For temperature measurement in liquid media

    • 200 mm long measuring tip

    AED 120.00
    excl. VAT
  • Wall bracket for data loggers

    Order-Nr. 0554 1703

    Use the wall bracket to fix your data logger securely and firmly to walls.
    • For reliably securing appropriate data loggers to the wall

    • Particularly secure thanks to the lock included in delivery

    AED 77.00
    excl. VAT
  • USB connection cable, instrument-PC

    Order-Nr. 0449 0047

    Use the USB connection cable for data transmission between instrument and PC.
    • Ideal for data transmission between PC and measuring instrument

    AED 77.00
    excl. VAT
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