Thermal imagers by Testo: Features and technologies

Testo has long been associated with quality thermal imaging technologies useful for a range of applications and industries. With over 50 years of experience in this growing field, Testo's thermal imagers are branded as the best in both quality and usability.Boasting custom-built Germanium lenses, the top global detector technology available and the ultimate system components,

Testo guarantees accurate measurement results across many industries and situations Testo thermal imagers discover abnormalities and weak points quickly and efficiently, making them ideal for production monitoring and many other applications. Materials and components undergo non-destructive testing under operating conditions, allowing problems to be discovered before a breakdown occurs or a fire risk develops.

Testo thermal imagers are an appropriate solution in a number of industries and situations around Australia. Handy for everyday use, the imagers are a welcome addition to many working environments.

For those who get things done.

testo 870 in building thermography
With easy operation for secure and efficient work.

For professionals.

Thermal imager testo 885 in maintenance

With excellent thermal  sensitivity and versatile technical systems such as Panorama Image Assistant or SiteRecognition.


High-end thermal imager testo 890
With outstanding megapixel quality, folding rotatable display and high-end systems such as the process analysis package with fully radiometric video measurement.

SuperResolution technology

SuperResolution technology
With the patent pending SuperResolution technology, you can capture extremely high-resolution infrared images (up to megapixel quality) with your Testo thermal imager. SuperResolution technology improves the usable, geometric resolution of the thermal imager's infrared image by a factor of 1.6 – with four times as many measuring values.

IRSoft – analysis software for thermography

IRSoft – analysis software for thermography
Testo IRSoft is the powerful PC software for professional thermography analysis. IRSoft allows comprehensive and easy analysis of thermograms on a PC. It is characterised by its clear structure and a particularly high level of user-friendliness.

Thermography humidity image for mould prevention

Humidity Thermal Image
Using our thermographic humidity measurement, you can detect humidity before it leads to mould formation: Testo thermal imagers assist you in detecting mould and humidity by presenting the surface moisture distribution directly on the thermal imager's display.

SiteRecognition for efficient inspection routes

SiteRecognition technology

For repeated thermal imaging of similar measuring objects, SiteRecognition technology offers immediate recognition of measuring locations. In addition, automatic assignment and archiving of the thermal images to the relevant measuring locations makes regular thermographic measurements or inspection routes considerably more reliable and efficient.

Testo’s process analysis package

Application picture radiometric video
Testo’s new optional process analysis package combines the function of the fully radiometric video measurement with the image sequence capturing directly in the imager. These functionalities allow the user to document and analyse thermal processes efficiently and reliably during a defined period of time.

Panorama image assistent – analysis at a glance

Panorama image assistent
Taking thermal images of very large properties at close range is often practically impossible. The only way is to take several shots. However, the Testo panorama image assistant is now available to put an end to having to manage, view and compare several images at once. In fact, it allows several individual images to be collated into one overall image.

testo ScaleAssist

testo ScaleAssist

Comparable thermal images

  • Thermal image scale with automatic optimal setting
  • for testo 865, testo 868, testo 871, testo 872.

testo ε-Assist

testo ε-Assist

For accurate thermal images:

  • testo ε-Assist automatically sets emissivity (ε)
  • and reflected temperature (RTC).

testo Thermography App

testo Thermography App

Work smart and networked:

  • The testo Thermography App
  • for testo 868, testo 871, testo 872.



Wireless connection of the thermal imager

  • to the testo 605i thermohygrometer
  • and testo 770-3 clamp meter.

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