Emission measurement

Compliance testing using EPA’s New protocols and the testo 350 is faster and less costly than ever before.

EPA’s new testing protocol, combined with the testo 350, is shaking up the compliance testing world by saving testers time and money.  A better test method was needed, and now it’s here.  The performance test method EPA OTM 39 can be downloaded from the EPA website here. For More information on the periodic monitoring OTM 38, go to EPA’s Test method page here.

Measurement accuracy of the testo 350 was proven long ago, but the bureaucracy did not allow the benefits of Testo’s sensors to be utilized. Testers were saddled with calibration procedures that did little to assure accuracy and consumed large quantities of expensive calibration gas.  It all changed with the issuance of the New Protocols:

Using the testo 350, along with the TECsoft compliance software will make you testing faster, less costly, and more successful.

Testing priority pollutants (such as the oxides of nitrogen (NOx), Carbon Monoxide CO) using US EPA test methods are common. Understanding the excess air and leakage routes or measuring the draft, stack pressures, or velocities are essential for good combustion.  Testo’s analyzers are perfect for compliance testing, troubleshooting, tuning, and even semi-continuous monitoring.  A wide variety of industrial probes and data acquisition software proves why more regulatory agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and testing professionals trust Testo analyzers.

O2 - CO - CO2 - NOx (NO, NO2) - H2S - CH
Efficiency, Excess air, Draft, ppm, MMBtu, Gm/Brake Horsepower

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