Ensuring food safety and adhering to hygiene regulations

Temperature control in the food industry is as crucial to product quality as it is to the fulfilment of hygiene requirements and the maintenance of defined ambient conditions when shipping or storing foodstuffs. 

Testo offers a range of instruments for the food industry which are HACCP certified and therefore guarantee the accurate measuring results needed for compliance with the relevant regulations.


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Measuring instruments for gastronomy

Whether a small bistro or a large restaurant: All gastronomic businesses must observe the principles of HACCP in their dealings with food. In addition to hygiene, the absence of germs is an important point. Temperature monitoring plays a significant role in the implementation of the HACCP concept. Various measurement methods are available for this.

Solutions for Restaurant Chains

Solution Catering

Measuring instruments in the cold chain

Measuring instruments from Testo have for years been in use along the entire cold chain. In incoming goods, storage and during transport, our thermometers, pH measuring instruments, data loggers, measurement data monitoring systems contribute to ensuring food safety and adhering to legal stipulations and norms.

Solutions for Food Stores

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Measuring instruments in the food production

The right measuring device for food production: mobile and stationary measuring solutions, measuring instruments to analyse of oil quality and pH value, suitable temperature measuring instruments probes.