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The national response to the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting our lives in extraordinary ways and on at least two fronts: the physical and economic. Many markets are facing challenging situations, including the air freight market, that has reported week on week decrease of overall supply with recent travel restrictions and immigration embargoes.

At Testo - together with our global operation - we are working relentlessly in dealing with these temporary, yet changed market conditions in the air freight market, that is directly impacting on price* and availability of imported testo instruments.

To this effect, we ask all our valued customers during the current COVID-19 scenario, wishing to purchase any testo instruments, to make contact with Testo or one if its dealer network members for accurate and reliable price, availability and payment information prior to purchase.

Testo would like to ensure that you are well informed for your purchase decision as market conditions are changing almost on a daily basis.

Contact with Testo is easy. You can call our friendly and supportive Team directly on 03 8761 6108 or email Testo via or find a local Testo dealer with the dealer search tool below.

What is paramount to all our valued customers, is that we are working to make sure our business will operate for you as normal and as supportive as possible.

* Please note - Testo is not increasing its List Price on any testo products. Temporary freight surcharge will apply on future imported testo instruments.
Please contact Testo for all specific details on supply.

We thank you for your trust and understanding.

Testo Team

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