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A high level of user-friendliness and absolute security are couple of words used when characterising Testo temperature data loggers. With the current range of 12 temperature data loggers, Testo offers the right solution for various application. 

Testo Humidity data loggers, allow steadfast and continuous monitoring, facilitating easy documentation of measurements for analysis, satisfying an essential need in the collection of data. Testo’s devices are regularly used within many scientific and technological research and development arenas in laboratories and testing centres worldwide. 
All our versatile devices have set calibration standards, which make it easy to ensure that the measurements produced are extremely accurate. With the current range of 5 humidity data loggers, Testo offers the right solution for various application.
Did you know: All testo Temperature Data logger software comes with Free Software.

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  • testo 190-P1 - CFR Pressure data logger

    Order-Nr. 0572 1900

    Use the testo 190-P1 CFR pressure data logger for efficient monitoring of sterilization and freeze-drying processes. Designed for the pharmaceutical industry, the testo 190-P1 CFR data logger is ideally suited for tightness or overpressure testing in autoclaves and freeze-drying systems.
    • High-precision monitoring of absolute pressure in the 1 mbar to 4 barabs range

    • Durable, robust, reliably tight, even after changing the battery

    • Changing the battery takes just seconds, saving time and increasing efficiency

    • Simultaneous programming and readout of several CFR data loggers via the multifunction case

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