Building efficiency and comfort guaranteed with Testo HVAC solutions.

In building management where accurate readings across a variety of platforms are required, it always pays to have the very best professional equipment on hand.

With this in mind, The Facility management tools from Testo can lend your establishment a watertight way of monitoring the comings and goings of the building and its features. Let's take a look at just why you should unleash the magic of the Testo HVAC tools. To provide you with a better overview take a look at one of our Testo offices, and see for yourself

Measurement solutions for facility management

Your advantages at Testo

Quality from one source

Testo as a partner in facility management


  • Measurement technology for all jobs in facility management
  • Professional multifunction measuring instruments
  • Robust and long-lasting technology
  • Time-saving digital documentation


Services from one provider

Testo as a service partner


  • Professional support
  • Loan instruments and repairs
  • Made-to-measure probe construction
  • Seminars and webinars
  • Calibration and validation

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