Checking -adjusting heating systems efficiently

Measurement solutions for heating systems

Why do you need to check your boiler?

Any equipment that relies on gases to perform needs to be thoroughly and regularly checked to ensure safe and efficient operation. Failure to monitor these emissions and temperatures effectively can endanger buildings, the machines themselves and any people in the vicinity if things go wrong.

With flue gas analysers and differential pressure measuring instruments from Testo, you can guarantee comfortable temperatures in a building without unnecessary heat losses. By measuring flue gas loss, you effectively increase the efficiency of the plant. And if incorrect behaviour causes high heating costs, a hydraulic balancing can help.

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Our recommendations for efficiently adjusted heating systems

testo 300 flue gas analyzer

  • Intuitive measurement menus and the fast-response Smart-Touch display ensure easy operation – as on your smartphone
  • Including O2, CO H2-compensated sensor up to 30,000 ppm (NO sensor - can be retrofitted)
  • High-quality sensor technology with up to 6 years' service life
  • Create documentation directly on site and e-mailing of reports

testo 330i flue gas analyzer

  • For official acceptance test measurements on gas, oil and solid fuel systems
  • Innovative testoFix probe mount
  • Integrated sensor monitoring
  • With Bluetooth and testo 330i App

testo 510i differential pressure measuring instrument

  • For differential pressure measurements (0 to 150 hPa) on gas heaters
  • Measurement menu for pressure-drop test
  • Can be operated with the testo Smart App