Although often barely noticeable and harmless if spotted and treated promptly, leaks will only grow into a bigger problem if left undetected. The consequences of a leak can be enormous and costly, ranging from reduced efficiency, higher operational costs and adverse impacts on the natural environment. Most seriously however, human health and safety can be compromised if dangerous substances - such as some gases - are allowed to leak.

 As such, having strategies and tools in place to quickly and accurately detect leaks is imperative. Today it is possible to utilise Testo‘s quality instruments to carry out gas leak detection quickly and reliably, identifying the source of the leak. 
Did you know: According to the Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), red blood cells are able to pick up carbon monoxide more quickly than oxygen. As a result, excessive inhalation of carbon monoxide can result in the gas blocking oxygen from getting into the body.

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  • ISO flue gas calibration certificate - with 6 measuring points

    Order-Nr. 0520 0003

    This certificate documents the ISO calibration of your measuring instrument. Calibration is carried out at the following measuring points: O2: 2.5 vol%, CO: 100 ppm, CO: 1000 ppm, NO: 800 ppm, NO2: 100 ppm, SO2: 1000 ppm.
    • 6 calibration points: O2: 2.5 vol% / CO: 100 ppm / CO: 1000 ppm / NO: 800 ppm / NO2: 100 ppm / SO2: 1000 ppm

    • According to ISO standard

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