Food Safety - " From Farm to Fork"!

Temperature control in the food industry is as crucial to product quality as it is to the fulfilment of hygiene requirements and the maintenance of defined ambient conditions when shipping or storing foodstuffs. 

Testo offers a range of instruments for the food industry which are HACCP certified and therefore guarantee the accurate measuring results needed for compliance with the relevant regulations.


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  • Mobile and stationary measuring solutions
  • Measuring instruments for the analysis of oil quality and pH value
  • Suitable temperature measuring instruments and extensive probe range
  • Ensure quality and food hygiene
  • Temperature monitoring of all refrigerated locations
  • Automatic documentation of the measurement values


  • Quality assurance from delivery through to sale
  • Avoiding health hazards, protecting customers
  • Safeguarding your good reputation


  • Fast and reliable measuring technology
  • Washable measuring instruments
  • Versatile range of probes
  • Ensuring quality in incoming goods
  • Save time and money
  • For a transparent cold chain

Free of charge for you to download

The new Pocket Guide Food Safety - download now

Are you familiar with our Pocket Guide Food Safety? An updated version is available to you for free download. In it, you will find answers to questions such as:

  • Which obligations do I have as a food company?
  • What does HACCP stand for?
  • Which part does measurement technology play in food safety and food hygiene?
  • Which tips and tricks make your job easier?

Food safety brochure

Because food safety can be measured: This brochure provides you with a compact overview:

  • Important measurement tasks in the individual process steps from production to the guest’s plate
  • Measurement technology recommendations at a glance