Cold Chain monitoring solutions

Do you have the right tools necessary for a safe cold chain?

Here at Testo, we have several instruments and solutions to help with cold chain management. For conducting regular spot checks of goods as they travel through the supply chain, the testo 831 - 2 Point IR Thermometer features 30:1 optics for incredibly accurate measurements, and the tight measuring circle makes it ideal for measuring temperature of smaller items from a distance. 

For times when getting closer to food is necessary, the testo 104-IR Infrared and Probe Thermometer features an integrated probe thermometer for measuring the core temperature of food products like meat. The probe is easily folded away when not required, such as when the additional IR thermometer is more suitable. 

Keeping track of temperature values over the course of the cold chain is made easy with Testo's Saveris 2 and wireless data loggers. Temperature values are sent from connectable sensors and probes, creating a record of any fluctuations for later perusal if necessary.

Introducing a combination of Testo's temperature monitoring solutions into your cold chain can not only improve the quality of your products, but protect you in the event of an issue.

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  • Precise quality monitoring in delivery
  • With infrared, penetration and combi thermometers
  • continuous recording of temperature and humidity
  • Individual solutions with the data loggers from Testo and the monitoring system testo Saveris 2
  • Uninterrupted monitoring and documentation
  • With transport loggers and WiFi data logger systems

Overview: The most important measurement methods

  • These temperature measurement options are available
  • Advantages and disadvantages described in detail