Food production

Food manufacturing is something that needs careful care and consideration. Not only is the health of consumers at risk if you get it wrong, but also the reputation of the business.

Testo's offers various solutions to conduct temperature spot checks, cooking oil testing and enviroment monitoring systems.

Temperature monitoring in food production

Temperature monitoring solution

Wherever people work with food, the ambient temperature and humidity play a critical role.

  • Use our climate monitoring system
  • Ensure compliance with HACCP and EN 12830 guidelines
  • Make sure your goods are impeccable in terms of both hygiene and quality

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Pasteurization, sterilization and freeze-drying


Highly efficient validation of your pasteurization, sterilization and freeze-drying processes.



Temperature spot checks

Food probes testo 104-IR

The temperature of foods has a crucial influence on the formation and proliferation of germs and therefore on product quality and consumer health.

  • Proceed regular temperature checks
  • Ensure food safety

Temperature monitoring

Measuring technology for food storage

There are a huge number of facilities where (deep-)frozen food has to be stored.

  • Use data loggers to continuously document the temperature
  • Approved according to EN 12830

Cooking oil quality

Cooking oil analysis

The oil in your deep fat fryer has a direct impact on various factors: spent cooking oil has a negative effect on the flavour and digestibility of deep-fried food.

  • Determine the right moment for changing the cooking oil by the help of exact measurements
  • Assure cooking oil quality and avoid too frequent changes of cooking oil

pH measurement

pH measurement in the food industry

The pH value of foods has a direct effect on the growth of microorganisms and therefore on food quality and safety.

  • pH value as a quality characteristic for evaluating food
  • Easy measurement of this important quality parameter