Restaurants and catering

When it comes to restaurants and catering, there are many factors that determine just how successful they will be. Having delicious food, great customer service and a pleasant atmosphere are certainly important, but those are necessarily evident for potential first-time customers.

When people first walk up to a restaurant, there are typically two things they look at to make their decision about whether or not to ask for a table - the menu and the health inspector rating. While testo can't provide expert advice on appetisers and entrees, Testo's line of digital thermometers and temperature data loggers can play a key role in earning top marks from health inspectors.

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  • Infrared-penetration thermometer
  • Guarantee quality right from the beginning – quickly and precisely
  • Measuring instruments, data loggers and monitoring systems.
  • Efficient temperature monitoring - manual or automated
  • Temperature measuring instruments and cooking oil tester
  • Check quality during preparation – reliably and efficiently
  • Penetration thermometer
  • So that the core temperature is right – with almost invisible punctures