Warehouse and Distribution

At Testo, we do our utmost to ensure that a range of industries have the instruments they need to take accurate measurements that keep staff, clients and customers safe.

When it comes to dealing with food, great care needs to be taken to ensure it leaves the factory, distribution centres in a condition that is safe to eat. Temperature plays a key part in this, especially as many food-borne illnesses are the result of incorrect temperature settings.  

Temperature monitoring solutions from Testo is needed to ensure items you have stored does not get contaminated. The following systems allow for comprehensive monitoring of all production stages, keeping food products at the optimal temperature levels as required by law. 

Temperature monitoring solution


Complete solution

Wherever people work with food, the ambient temperature and humidity play a critical role.

  • Use our climate monitoring system
  • Ensure compliance with HACCP and EN 12830 guidelines
  • Make sure your goods are impeccable in terms of both hygiene and quality

Temperature spot checks


The temperature of foods has a crucial influence on the formation and proliferation of germs and therefore on product quality and consumer health.

  • Proceed regular temperature checks
  • Ensure food safety

Temperature monitoring


There are a huge number of facilities where (deep-)frozen food has to be stored.

  • Use data loggers to continuously document the temperature
  • Approved according to EN 12830