Temperature and humidity monitoring for Hospitals

Hospitals and clinics possess a wide variety of refrigerated vaccines, medications, patient samples, blood, research cultures, and have a vested interest in protecting these mission-critical samples from equipment failure to sudden fluctuation of temperatures. 

Testo Saveris 1 solution for hospitals / regional clinics allows its users for 24/7 continuous monitoring of fridge, freezers and incubators and be notified via SMS or email in the unlikely event of a discrepancy. 

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testo Saveris – your all-in-one solution for climate monitoring

  • Safe: in the event of critical climate data, you will receive alerts via e-mail, SMS or directly on site
  • Reliable: automated, uninterrupted recording rather than manual documentation work
  • Compliant: in audits, provide conclusive evidence that FDA requirements are complied with
  • Validatable: testo Saveris software complies with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements
  • Flexible: you can extend testo Saveris at any time – to accommodate any number of measuring points and measurement parameters
  • From one provider: consultation, installation, commissioning, configuration, calibration, mapping/distribution measurement and validation of the system


  • Maintain optimum storage conditions for pharmaceuticals
  • Continuous refrigerator monitoring: Alerts when limit values are violated (via SMS, e-mail, light signal)

Blood banks

  • Accurately monitor prescribed temperatures for storing units of blood and plasma
  • Alerts in the event of malfunctions in refrigerators and freezers


  • Provide automated documentation of ambient conditions in laboratories
  • Ensure the comparability of research and measurement results

Hospital – indoor climate

  • Precisely control critical climatic conditions in cleanrooms, operating theatres and intensive care units
  • Create a pleasant ambient temperature in other rooms

Hospital – canteen

  • Alerts in the event of temperature fluctuations in refrigerators and freezers
  • Document temperature when transporting food
  • Comply with HACCP regulations

Our complete service

Get everything from one provider: We offer you advice, carry out the installation, commissioning and configuration. Apart from this, we also look after the mapping, distribution measurement, calibration and validation.

One system – all possibilities

testo Saveris is comprised of different components:

  • Data loggers record the measurement values at the measuring location (wide selection, also with external probes)
  • The testo Saveris Base processes the measurement data
  • You access the measurement data with your PC

We would be happy to offer you advice when putting together components for applications in medical environments.