Leakage test

Safety is one of the key reasons for using Testo refrigerant leak detectors to assess and maintain refrigeration systems. Many of these installations rely on chemicals such as ammonia or carbon dioxide that can be dangerous in specific situations. One of the main dangers that the refrigeration industry needs to keep on top of is leaks. Chemicals such as ammonia may not be lethal in small doses, but if it’s allowed to build up or react with other compounds the results can be deadly. Testo refrigerant leak detectors allow you to identify these issues before they can escalate, and enable you to perform quick and easy maintenance to ensure these problems never befall your business. Did you know: There are multiple costs associated with making mistakes in the refrigeration and HVAC industry. Not only is there the risk of fines, but people can also become sick - or worse - when refrigeration gauges aren't used effectively. In the US an ammonia leak occurred due to a major refrigeration equipment malfunction which released around 32,000 pounds of ammonia into the air. While this is an extreme case of refrigeration equipment failure, it highlights the value of regular maintenance checks. As a result of the leak's scale and its preventable nature, the company was fined US$ 3,000,000.

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  • High-pressure probe - for pressure tests up to 25 bar

    Order-Nr. 0638 1748

    The high-pressure probe (with the appropriate measuring instrument) is ideally suited for carrying out pressure tests up to 25 bar and pressure tests on fluids.
    • Pressure tests up to 25 bar 

    • Pressure tests on fluids

    • High-pressure tests on water pipes, tests on waste water pipes according to DIN EN 1610

    • Can be attached to testo 312-4 and testo 324

    incl. GST $603.90
  • Fine pressure probe - for heating system checks / 4 pascal measurement

    Order-Nr. 0638 0330

    fine pressure probe
    • Carrying out heating system checks and 4 pascal measurement with compatible flue gas analyzer and accessories

    • Simultaneous measurement of gas pressure and flue gas values

    • No zero point drift during pressure measurement (cyclic zeroing)

    incl. GST $667.70
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