We at Testo bring you a wide range of Temperature Measuring Instruments which have varied application in many different arenas. Used in industries such as food, health, the pharmaceutical industry and laboratories as well as in heating, ventilation and air-condition systems (HVAC) , refrigeration, production, storage and transport of goods, our devices are designed and built with the utmost expertise and attention to detail. 

This is to ensure that the needs of every diverse user is met. Cultivated to the most advanced point in order to provide temperature readings and information to the minutest detail, our products are used globally.Testo offers a full range of optimally calibrated and standard-compliant measuring instruments to measure temperature.

We produce Probe thermometers, Infrared thermometers as well as Surface thermometers, Temperature Data loggers and Thermal Imaging Cameras.All our temperature measurement devices are built in accordance to ISO 9001 quality standards and offer the most reliable temperature measurements. 
These devices provide simple operations and the flexibility to be easily used by just about any individual, to meet the need of their niche function Many of our temperature instruments have passed the stringent requirements of HACCP testing and are now accredited by this organisation.
Did you know: That many city councils throughout Australia use Testo thermometers in order to monitor / audit restaurants and food manufacturers. We also brought to our customers the world’s first ever waterproof digital folding thermometer, an instrument that can be used under any conditions.

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  • Robust high-temperature/humidity probe (up to +180 °C)

    Order-Nr. 0628 0021

    The robust high-temperature/humidity probe (with a corresponding measuring instrument) is suitable for reliably determining the temperature and relative humidity even at high temperatures (up to +180 °C).
    • Probe for temperature and relative humidity – suitable for high temperatures

    • Probe shaft diameter of 12 mm with the option of using a PTFE or stainless steel sintered cap

    • Temperature measuring range: -20 to +180 °C

    $1 967.00
    incl. GST $2 163.70
  • Flexible humidity probe

    Order-Nr. 0628 0022

    Flexible humidity probe (does not retain shape) for measurements in inaccessible places
    $2 074.00
    incl. GST $2 281.40
  • Thin humidity probe incl. 4 attachable protection caps

    Order-Nr. 0636 2130

    Thin probe incl. 4 attachable protection caps for ambient air measurements, measurements in exhaust air ducts and equilibrium moisture measurements
    $1 109.00
    incl. GST $1 219.90
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