Test out the testo 883 for maintenance and building thermography

Want to try out the thermal imager – but don’t want to commit yourself just yet?
If so, our product test is just the thing for you.

The process is simple:

  1. Apply for the product test by 31.03.2021, using the form at the bottom of the page to register.
  2. The selected product testers will receive a testo 883 imager for their application free of charge for testing purposes.
  3. After the test phase, we will contact you to create a practice report from your experiences with the measuring instrument.*
  4. And the best thing is: As a thank you, you can just keep the testo 883.

*The chosen product tester is obliged to take part in a 1 to 2-week product test, in consultation with Testo. After this a short questionnaire must be filled in, in collaboration with a Testo employee. A photo of the chosen product tester using our Testo measuring instrument is also required. Based on this, we will create a practice report together with you, which will be published on the Testo channels (e.g. website as well as social networks and media).

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Conditions for participation in Testo product test:

The following conditions apply:

1. Organizer

The product tests on the platform www.testo.com (in the following: online platform) will be conducted by Testo SE & Co KGaA (in the following: Testo).

2. Subscribers

Persons who have completed their 16th year and are resident in the Commonwealth of Australia are entitled to participate.

3. What form does the participation take?

Participation in the product test is without remuneration, i.e. the participant receives no payment for his/her participation and/or provision of reviews.

A fixed condition for participation is the dispatch of advertising e-mails. These contain information on products, innovations, events and promos from Testo. The advertising e-mail will be sent to every applicant by e-mail based on events. In the framework of important product information or special beneficial offers, additional mails may be sent.

In order to be able to participate in product tests, the applicant must first fill in a participation form and send it to Testo. By clicking on the SEND button in the participation form, the applicant accepts these conditions for participation.

In detail:

In the context of the registration, the applicant must enter the data marked as mandatory spaces into the form. The applicants have the obligation to provide complete and truthful information in the registration.

Selected participants receive a test product. After the test phase, Testo contacts the participant and creates a practical report from the experiences of the participant with the test product.

The number of testers per product test is limited. The selection of the test participants from all applicants is carried out on the basis of the data previously supplied. Testo will make every effort to ensure suitable product tests for the participants. The test participants selected by Testo before any test receive confirmation of their participation in the test by telephone or e-mail.

The submission of the evaluation of the respective product is carried out via a questionnaire which the participant fills in.

4. Rights

The chosen participant shall transfer to Testo, free of charge, an exclusive, sublicensable and transferable right, which is not limited in terms of space, time or content, to use the texts and photographs ("works") produced in the context of the product test, in particular by means of production, duplication and distribution, to communicate to the public and to modify the works (by means of content, digital and graphical editing).

These works include:

  • The questionnaire with the corresponding quotes
  • Media on which the participant’s company itself, its logo and application procedures are illustrated with the respective Testo product and staff.

The usage rights granted extend to all types of use (e.g. global internet, print, digital media, e-mail, social media and applications). The participant expressly agrees that his works may be photo-technically processed. In each case, the works shall be transferred to the ownership of Testo in their entirety when they are created. Testo is entitled to assign the rights, claims and powers transferred to it, in whole or in part, as non-exclusive or exclusive rights, to third parties and to allow third parties to transfer these rights. The name, professional title, company and location of the customer may be named by Testo for the purpose of exercising the rights of use with respect to the works and communicated in the publication formats of the works. Unless the participant waives a designation of authorship, the following designation of authorship takes place in proximity to the work: Name of participant.

5. Data protection

Please see the data protection information.

6. Invalidity of individual clauses

If a clause of these conditions is invalid, the validity of the remaining conditions shall not be affected.