Food monitoring in storerooms: Reliable and non-stop.

When monitoring ambient conditions in food storage, two things are crucial: The measurement technology used must provide measurement results reliably round the clock. And it should take work off your hands in food storage. That means: Temperature and humidity values are automatically and seamlessly measured and documented.

This is exactly what the data loggers from Testo offer you. The automatic monitoring system testo Saveris 2 can do even more: In cases of limit value violations, an alarm SMS or e-mail is immediately triggered.

Find the right measurement technology for your food storage now.

Data loggers and WiFi data monitoring system for food monitoring in storerooms

Temperature and humidity monitoring:
Data loggers from Testo

Monitoring storage conditions with data loggers
  • Measurement and document temperature and humidity reliably
  • Approval according to EN 12830
  • Easy data evaluation on a PC

Flexible monitoring by wireless LAN:
testo Saveris 2

Flexible food storage monitoring with testo Saveris 2
  • Measures, monitors and documents temperature and humidity automatically and without interruption
  • Easily integrated into an existing wireless LAN
  • Measurement value storage in the data loggers and in the Testo Cloud.
  • Access to measurement values via PC, tablet, smartphone
  • Alarm by SMS, e-mail and via push alarms

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