testo 317-3 - Ambient CO Meter 

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incl. GST $357.50
  • Instant Start up: no zeroing phase 

  • 3-year warranty on CO sensor 

  • Alarm with adjustable thresholds 

  • Carry case with belt clip and handstrap 

Carbon monoxide is a silent killer. The compact Testo 317-3 CO meter is designed to provide you with a quick and reliable means of testing ambient air for carbon monoxide. 


Product Description

Carbon monoxide is a particularly dangerous gas. It is colorless, it is odorless and above all it is lethal. That’s why it is so important that CO checks are carried out by the book when a gas heating or boiler is being serviced or installed. This not only ensures that the heating or boiler is working properly, it also helps to prevent tragic accidents that occur as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning.

The testo 317-3 CO meter. For measuring carbon monoxide in the surrounding air

A few seconds. That’s all it takes. That’s all it takes to be on the safe side and test the surrounding air for carbon monoxide. The testo 317-3 CO tester measures the concentration of carbon monoxide in ambient air and presents the readings on an easy-to-read display. The CO meter has both a visual and an audible alarm which are triggered when a threshold is crossed.  

The CO meter comes with a carry case and a belt clip to ensure that you always have your meter on you and a strap which can be wrapped loosely around the wrist to prevent the meter from falling onto the floor.

PLEASE NOTE: The Testo 317-3 is suitable to check Co in ambient air, Its however not suitable for measuring CO in discharged airstream.

Delivery Scope

testo 317-3 CO meter for measuring CO in the surrounding air, carry case, belt clip, earphones, handstrap, protocol certificate.

Technical Data

General technical data

Operating temperature

-5 to +45 °C

Battery type

2 AAA micro batteries

Battery life

150 h (with beeper switched off)

Storage temperature

-20 to +45 °C

Ambient CO

Measuring range

0 to +1999 ppm


±3 ppm (0 to +29 ppm)

±10 % (+30 to +1999 ppm)


1 ppm


CO measurement in the heated environment

Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colourless, odourless and taste-free gas, but also poisonous. Its sources include the incomplete combustion of substances containing carbon (oil, gas and solid fuels, etc.). If CO manages to get into the bloodstream through the lungs, it combines with haemoglobin thus preventing oxygen from being transported in the blood; this in turn will result in death through suffocation. This is why it is necessary to regularly check CO emissions at the combustion points of heating systems and also in the surrounding areas.

incl. GST $357.50