testo 300 NEXT LEVEL Longlife INDUSTRY Set 4 - Flue gas analyzer (O2, CO H2-compensated up to 30,000 ppm, NO)

Order-Nr.  0564 3004 04

  • Intuitive, smart, efficient: intuitive measurement menus, fast-response Smart-Touch operation, efficient, wireless parallel measurement of up to four testo Smart Probes, practical second screen function, on-site documentation, e-mailing of reports

  • Including O2, CO H2 -compensated up to 30,000 ppm, NO

  • High-quality sensor technology with up to 6 years' service life

  • In the kit: testo 300 NEXT LEVEL Longlife flue gas analyzer, including O2, CO H2 -compensated sensor up to 30,000 ppm, NO, testo Bluetooth Connector, mains unit, modular flue gas probe, spare dirt filters, EasyHeat software, case


Product Description

Carry out installation and maintenance work on industrial engines, burners, gas turbines and in thermal processes, using the flue gas analyzer with Longlife sensors. The TÜV-tested testo 300 NEXT LEVEL Longlife flue gas analyzer is supplied with O2, CO H2-compensated sensor up to 30,000 ppm, NO, TÜV-tested modular flue gas probe, testo Bluetooth® Connector, case and practical accessories.

Products in set

Delivery Scope

  • testo 300 NEXT LEVEL Longlife flue gas analyzer with O2, CO H2-compensated sensor up to 30,000 ppm, NO (0633 3004 85)
  • USB mains unit, including cable (0554 1106)
  • Modular flue gas probe 180 mm, Ø 8 mm, Tmax. 500°C; TÜV tested and certified; 2.2 m hose (0600 9760)
  • testo Bluetooth® Connector (0554 3004)
  • Spare dirt filters for modular flue gas probe; 10 off (0554 3385)
  • Free download EasyHeat PC software (0554 3332)
  • Instrument case (height: 130 mm) for instrument, probes and accessories (0516 3300)

Technical Data



Flue gas measurement on heating systems

Ideal for measurements involving heating systems:
  • high-quality Longlife sensors with a service life of up to 6 years, smart-touch operation, clearly structured measurement menus, creation of documentation on site, e-mailing of reports, large HD display, robust housing
Further areas of application:
  • gas flow pressure measurement*, gas pipe test*, differential temperature measurement (flow and return temperature on heating systems)*, ambient CO measurement*, flue draught measurement on heating systems*, integrated 4 Pa measurement for combustion equipment
* Please note: additional probes or accessories are required for these measurements and have to be ordered separately.


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