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  • testo 510 i - differential pressure measuring instrument with smartphone operation

    Order-Nr. 0560 1510

    Handy and intelligent: the compact testo 510i differential pressure measuring instrument featuring professional measuring technology and smartphone operation for measuring differential pressure, air flow velocity and volume flow. Readings can be viewed conveniently on your smartphone/tablet via the testo Smart Probes App and emailed directly.
    • Measurement of gas flow and static pressure

    • Measurement menu for pressure drop test including alerts

    • Simple configuration and determination of volume flow with Pitot tube

    • Magnetic holder for easy attachment

  • Stainless steel Pitot tube, length 750 mm - for measuring flow velocity, including temperature measurement

    Order-Nr. 0635 2042

    Robust Pitot tube for measuring flow velocity: the Pitot tube provides the optimum conditions, especially for higher flow velocities and for heavily contaminated flow. The 750 mm long Pitot tube has integrated temperature measurement and a connection hose with a maximum load capacity of up to 700 hPa (mbar).
    • For measuring flow velocity

    • Ideal for high flow velocities and heavily contaminated flow

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