Temperature Monitor Solution For Restaurants & Gastronomy

In the area of food preparation and serving meals, you have to pay attention to the correct heating and temperature of the food.Testo provides measurement instrument to assist on monitoring Temperature and Humidity on your desired location.

Temperature monitor is important for food service as will reassurance and compliance on the quality of food. As temperature is monitor optimal temperature in your food storage coolers and freezers allows you to keep your food fresh. Testo instruments with HACCP certified can help monitor temperature and check temperature, humidity and ph levels of food in restaurant and preparation process

Testo provides a range of temperature monitoring solutions and instruments from the area below:

Temperature spot check

Testo 104-IR for temperature spot check
  • Monitor quality quickly and reliably
  • Avoid hazards to your customers' health

Temperature monitoring

Testo 175 for temperature monitoring
  • Monitor the temperature of fresh goods continuously
  • No more manual documentation

Cooking oil quality

Testo 270 for cooking oil quality monitoring

The oil in your deep fat fryer has a direct impact on various factors: spent cooking oil has a negative effect on the flavour and digestibility of deep-fried food.

  • Determine the right moment for changing the cooking oil by the help of exact measurements
  • Assure cooking oil quality and avoid too frequent changes of cooking oil

pH measurement

Testo 206-pH1 for pH measurement

The pH value of foods has a direct effect on the growth of microorganisms and therefore on food quality and safety.

  • pH value as a quality characteristic for evaluating food
  • Easy measurement of this important quality parameter