Adjusting refrigeration systems

The advent of digital technology means huge quality improvements when it comes to the adjustment of refrigeration systems or heat pumps.

Digital manifolds provide high-precision temperature and pressure measurements, determine subcooling and superheating, but also enable reliable evacuation of the system through accurate vacuum measurement.

And the convenient testo refrigeration App makes commissioning, maintenance or repair even quicker!

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Digital manifolds Testo

All the digital manifolds at a glance

One refrigeration measuring instrument – all parameters

Commissioning, maintenance and/or repair? No matter where the focus of your work on refrigeration systems and heat pumps is, Testo has the appropriate digital manifold for you.

Smart digital manifolds

The digital manifolds testo 550s and testo 557s including Bluetooth and 2- or 4-way valve block feature

  • large graphic display,
  • compact, robust housing,
  • guided measurement menus and
  • the testo Smart App.

High-quality measurement technology, high level of reliability and clever functions for fast and easy measurement and documentation.

App-controlled digital manifold

The App-controlled digital manifold testo 550i

  • with Bluetooth,
  • 2-way valve block
  • and rugged hook

offers great measurement technology in especially compact format.

With the extremely robust manifold, you deal with your daily jobs on refrigeration systems wirelessly, easily and reliably. All with the testo Smart App on your smartphone or tablet.

Here you can see which digital manifold is the right one for your requirements:

  Analog testo 549 testo 550i testo 550s testo 557s testo 570
Integrated temp. measurement x x x x x
Pressure measurement accuracy > 1% fs 0,5 % fs 0,5 % fs 0,5 % fs 0,5 % fs 0,5 % fs
Identical pressure measuring range (HP/LP) ≤ 60 bar ≤ 60 bar ≤ 60 bar ≤ 60 bar ≤ 50 bar
4-way valve block product-dependent x x
Internal memory / documentation With the App With the App With the App x
Software testo DataControl testo DataControl testo DataControl testo EasyKool
No. of refrigerants product-dependent 60 52 52 52 40
Refrigerant update by App by App by App by software
Auto. absolute pressure measurement x x x x
Heat pump mode x x x x x
Temperature-compensated leakage test x x x x x
Vacuum measurement indication accurate, wireless accurate, wireless accurate, wireless accurate, wired
Temperature measurement wired wireless wired / wireless wired / wireless wired

Our recommendation for fast testing of a refrigeration system:

Entry-level digital manifold

testo 549 digital manifold

Are service and maintenance of refrigeration systems your thing? This digital manifold will mean you can work efficiently, determine superheating and subcooling in real time and avoid manual calculations which are prone to errors.

  • 60 common refrigerants stored in the instrument
  • Calculation of condensation and evaporation temperatures in real time
  • Temperature-compensated leakage testing

Digital manifold for professionals

testo 570 digital manifolds

Our 4-way manifold for professionals enables accurate storage and documentation of pressure measurements, temperature measurements and other important parameters of a refrigeration system in the instrument.

  • Optional connection of clamp meter, oil pressure probe and up to three temperature probes
  • Integrated vacuum measurement
  • Continuous recording of readings for up to 999 hours

Practical tips, information and training videos

Application example for digital manifolds

Find out here how easy and efficient it is to use Testo’s digital manifolds. Download free of charge now!

Refrigeration technology practical brochure

Everything you need to know about working efficiently on refrigeration systems or heat pumps. Prepared for you in a compact format and as a free download.

This is how it works: Vacuum measurement with the testo 570

See here how to initiate a perfect refrigeration system evacuation using the testo 570 digital manifold.

This is how it works: Tightness measurement with the testo 570

Here you can discover how to carry out a reliable and fast pressure resistance test on a refrigeration system using the testo 570 digital manifold.

The digital manifold testo 557s in use