Supply air, exhaust air, and swirl outlet: how to measure the volumetric air flow of a room ventilation system

Determining the volumetric air flow of a room ventilation system isn’t that easy. This is because the different flow velocities, turbulences, or wrong measuring position can affect the measuring values.

With the testo 417 vane anemometer with volume flow straightener you are therefore perfectly equipped. However, proper application is as important as the right instrument.

The tips and tricks in our new video will help you to achieve the correct results in future both quickly and easily:

  • Measure more quickly at supply air outlets thanks to a 100 mm vane and testovent 417 funnel set
  • Record the volume flow properly at exhaust air outlets with the testovent 417 funnel set
  • Measure turbulent flows at swirl outlets accurately with measurement funnels and testovent 417 volume flow straightener

testo 417 – the advantages at a glance:

Compact anemometer with integrated flow/temperature vane (Ø 100 mm) for measuring the flow velocity, volume flow and temperature.
  • The volume flow is shown directly on the display. Precise calculation of volume flow thanks to the easy input of the duct area. In addition, you can switch to the current temperature reading.
  • The direction of flow, i.e. sucking or blowing flow, is clearly indicated in the display.
  • Timed and multi-point mean calculations provide an indicator of the average volume flow, flow velocity and temperature reading.
  • The measurement funnel set allows measurements at ventilation grilles and plate outlets.

The testovent 417 volume flow straightener in practice

The company Helios Ventilatoren uses testovent 417 and is suitably impressed. See for yourself and download the free Testo reference here.

testo 417 - vane anemometer

testo 417.jpg