Fine pressure probe - for heating system checks / 4 pascal measurement

Order-Nr.  0638 0330

  • Carrying out heating system checks and 4 pascal measurement with compatible flue gas analyzer and accessories

  • Simultaneous measurement of gas pressure and flue gas values

  • No zero point drift during pressure measurement (cyclic zeroing)

The fine pressure probe (with the appropriate flue gas analyzer and accessories) is ideally suited for carrying out heating system checks and 4 pascal measurement.


Product Description

The high-precision probe is used for the measurement of differential pressure and temperature in combination with the testo 320 and testo 330. Heating checks (according to DIN EN 15378) and 4 pascal measurement can be carried out with further accessories.

Cyclic zeroing means the fine pressure probe has no zero point drift and provides high-precision readings. In addition, the fine pressure probe makes simultaneous gas pressure measurement and flue gas analysis possible with the testo 320 or testo 330.

Delivery Scope

Fine pressure probe.

Technical Data

General technical data

Operating humidity

10 to 90 %RH non-dewing

Operating temperature

5 to +45 °C

Protection class


Storage temperature

-20 to +50 °C

Temperature - TC Type K (NiCr-Ni)

Measuring range

Depends on probe, max. -40 to +1200 °C

-200 to +300 °C (with surface probe 0604 0994 (accessory))


±0.5 °C (-40 to +100 °C)

±0.5 % of mv (Remaining Range) additionally ±1 digit, additionally accuracy of probe


0.1 °C

Measuring rate

max. 1 / s

Differential Pressure - Piezoresistive

Measuring range

-9999.9 to +9999.9 Pa


±0.3 Pa (0 to +9.99 Pa)

±3 % of mv (+10.00 to +9999.9 Pa) additionally ±1 digit


0.01 Pa (-149.99 to +149.99 Pa)

0.1 Pa (Remaining Range)

Measuring rate

max. 1 / s

Velocity / Volume flow

Measuring range

Display range: 0.15 to 3 m/s


0.1 m/s