Flue gas, gas and particle

The worldwide uninterrupted pollution of the atmosphere and more and more rules and regulations mean that flue gas analysis and emission control is becoming more and more important. It serves to reduce pollutant emission from combustion systems and it meets the objective of using energy as efficiently as possible.

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  • ISO flue gas calibration certificate - with 6 measuring points

    Order-Nr. 0520 0003

    This certificate documents the ISO calibration of your measuring instrument. Calibration is carried out at the following measuring points: O2: 2.5 vol%, CO: 100 ppm, CO: 1000 ppm, NO: 800 ppm, NO2: 100 ppm, SO2: 1000 ppm.
    • 6 calibration points: O2: 2.5 vol% / CO: 100 ppm / CO: 1000 ppm / NO: 800 ppm / NO2: 100 ppm / SO2: 1000 ppm

    • According to ISO standard

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