Measurement technologies for nanoparticles

No challenge is too small for the measurement technology specialists from Testo. Since the takeover of the Swiss company Matter Aerosol, Testo has also been a provider of nanoparticle measurement technology. At Testo, innovative products for the measurement of particle concentrations from various sources and with differing properties are created.

Whether for the sake of the health of staff, or for ensuring product quality, whether for developing low-pollutant engines or for testing vehicles under the real conditions in road traffic – Testo offers you the optimum nanoparticle measuring technology for every application.

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The optimum nanoparticle measuring technology for every application

Monitoring the concentration of nanoparticles in the air

Particle measurement at the workplace in production with testo DiSCmini

With the testo DiSCmini, you measure the concentration of ultra-fine particles (UPF) in the following applications:

- Staff exposure
- Work protection
- Indoor air quality
- Outdoor air quality (e.g. in cities)

  • Measurement of particle concentration, average particle diameter and LDSA with a time resolution of 1 second
  • Operation without further operating materials such as liquids or radioactive radiation sources

Real Driving Emissions and periodic technical testing

Portable nanoparticle counter testo NanoMet3 for the measurement of real Driving Emissions (RDE)

With the innovative testo NanoMet3 PN-PEMS, you measure Real Driving Emissions (RDE) according to Euro 6C.

  • Gas preparation: integrated PMP-compliant thermal dilution
  • Measurements on petrol and diesel vehicles with no added effort





Sampling, dilution and preparation of aerosols

PMP-compliant gas preparation system testo ViPR for measurements on test benches

The testo ViPR volatile particle remover is a gas conditioning system for sampling, dilution and conditioning of raw gas for particle determination (in compliance with the PMP procedure).

  • Fulfils UNECE R83 and R49
  • Gas preparation for particle number measurement for vehicle type approval





Production of combustion soot particles

The soot generator testo REXS replaces the diesel engine in development and on test benches for DPFs.

The fully automatic soot generator testo REXS (Reproducible EXhaust Simulator) produces soot nanoparticles which are very similar to diesel soot. 

  • Combustion soot particles with similar mobility distribution to diesel emissions
  • Stable, reproducible particle size distribution with less than 5 % deviation
  • 3-6 possible operating points with modal diameters of 30 nm to 120 nm

Other particle measuring instruments from Testo

testo 380 – fine particle measuring instrument

testo 338 - smoke count measuring instrument