testo Smart App. One App for all applications.

Multifunctional. Continuously up to date. Free.

testo Smart App. One App for all applications.

Refrigeration systems and heat pumps

Ventilation and air conditioning systems and Indoor Air Quality

testo Smart Probes

Current measurement

Heating systems

Compatible measuring instruments for refrigeration systems and heat pumps

Compatible measuring instruments for ventilation and air conditioning systems and Indoor Air Quality

Compatible measuring instruments for testo Smart Probes

Compatible measuring instruments for current measurement

Compatible measuring instruments for heating systems

All advantages of the testo Smart App

  • For all refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and ventilation applications
  • Operation, measurement and documentation
  • Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled Testo measuring instruments
testo Smart App refrigeration systems
  • Intuitive measurement menus
  • Quick configuration
  • Uncomplicated documentation
testo Smart App Smart Probes
  • To the measurement in just a few clicks
  • All measurement values at a glance
  • Graphic and tabular curve display
testo Smart App digital manifolds
  • Storage of measurement and customer data
  • Easy reporting
  • Direct report dispatch by e-mail
testo Smart App reporting
  • Data exchange with PC software testo DataControl
  • Continuous updates and extensions
  • Free download, free use
testo Smart App testo DataControl

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testo Smart App in action

Servicing refrigeration systems with testo Smart App and testo 557s