Free Demo for the New testo 440. Versatility in a compact design

Welcome to a new era: the new testo 440 combines a compact hand-held measuring instrument with intuitive measurement menus and a comprehensive selection of air velocity & IAQ probes. Use it to keep all your air conditioning and ventilation measurements safely and reliably under control.

  • Intuitive measurement menus
    Clearly structured menus for volume flow, K factor, degree of turbulence, heating/cooling output, mould detection and long-term measurement are programmed into the instrument.
  • Wireless convenience
    All the testo 440 probes are also available as wireless Bluetooth versions.
    This makes for less cable clutter in the measuring case.
  • Clear display
    Measurement configuration and display of readings and measurement results at a glance.
  • Particularly cost-effective
    Save money when using the testo 440: the measuring instrument does not need to be calibrated, it measures all air velocity & IAQ parameters and the probes can be flexibly extended.

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Here's why testo 440 would improve your work efficiently:

1. Intuitive: clearly structured menus, large display

testo 440 intuitive measurement menus

Menus for measuring volume flow, K factor and degree of turbulence in accordance with EN ISO 7730/ASHRAE 55, heating/cooling output, mould detection and long-term measurement are programmed into the instrument and automatically guarantee reliable measurement results.

Measurements can easily be configured via the large display; see readings/results at a glance.

2. Wireless: probes with Bluetooth

testo 440 wireless probes

No cables – no problems!

The Bluetooth probes for the testo 440 are available for all applications. They transfer readings to the measuring instrument wirelessly.

This guarantees greater efficiency and less cable clutter in the measuring case.

3. Saves space: 1 handle for all probes

testo 440 handle
The testo 440 Bluetooth or cable handle can be universally combined with all the attachments in the testo 440 probe system. So you need less equipment, and it will take you a matter of seconds to switch from measuring the comfort level to determining the volume flow in ducts.

4. Economic: a one-off investment that will benefit you for a long time

Save money over the long term with the testo 440

The testo 440 air velocity & IAQ measuring instrument is an investment in smart, robust technology, which will certainly pay off for you:

  • Suitable for all air-conditioning applications – you don’t need any other measuring instruments
  • Probes can be flexibly extended – lower costs for accessories/probes
  • testo 440 and testo 440 dP do not need to be calibrated – no downtimes

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