Thermography Workshop in Malaysia , Singapore & Indonesia

Educating the measurement and usage of Thermal Imagers

Seeing is Believing

Testo provides a classroom training caters to new infrared camera users, or practicing thermographers wanting to learn about IR Thermography, its theory and applications.

Workshop will be conducted by Testo Application Specialist which will share with you on how Thermography plays a role in Predictive Maintenance leveraging on effective modern technology tools. We will also share about how energy are lost in different forms, how we find these energy wastages, how to minimize these wastages, and how we can benefit from the saving to pay for the solution we need for managing energy wastes with good maintenance practices.

 Course Objectives

  • Introduction to thermal imaging and measurement systems for predictive maintenance applications.
  • Learn good electrical inspection safety practices.
  • Understanding electrical faults by analyzing various thermal patterns.
  • Analyze thermograms using heat transfer concepts and formulate an action plan.
  • Assessing electrical inspection severity criteria.
  • Learn to distinguish between hot spots and reflections, direct vs. indirect readings and qualitative vs. quantitative thermography .
  • Learn how to present thermal analysis report.
  • Explore the use of infrared cameras on exercises that closely simulate real-world infrared applications.



Who Should Attend

  • Plant electricians
  • Electrical & Maintenance consultants and engineers
  • Facilities maintenance technicians
  • Process technicians
  • Field service technicians

Registration is Free and is on a first come first serve basis. Testo will be issuing a certificate at the end of the workshop.


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