testo 885 Supertele - thermal imager with super-telephoto lens

Order-Nr.  0563 0885 V4

  • Professional thermal imager testo 885: resolution 320 x 240 pixels, optionally upgradable to 640 x 480 pixels with SuperResolution, thermal sensitivity < 30 mK

  • Super-telephoto lens with a 5° x 3.7° field of view for the accurate recording of extremely distant objects

  • Panoramic image function, SiteRecognition technology, humidity calculation, JPEG saving function, optional: sequence capturing in the instrument and lots more

  • Built-in digital camera for additional real images

The thermal imager testo 885 Supertele is your ideal partner for taking thermographic readings of extremely distant measurement objects: e.g. when inspecting high-voltage lines, searching for hotspots in solar parks or detecting anomalies in large industrial plants (refineries, for example).

Product Description

The thermal imager testo 885 Supertele is Testo's ideal instrument for carrying out thermography over long distances. The super-telephoto lens makes it feasible to accurately record distant measurement objects. The thermal imager is therefore particularly suitable for:
  • Inspecting high-voltage lines (even the smallest connections can be checked from a great distance)
  • Locating hotspots in solar parks (e.g. to detect defective cells)
  • Detecting irregularities in large industrial plants (e.g. refineries)


Check out all the technical features of the thermal imager testo 885 Supertele

testo 885 thermal imager:
  • Detector size 320 x 240 pixels: With 76,800 temperature measuring points, measurement objects are photographed extremely clearly and accurately, in outstanding image quality
  • SuperResolution technology to 640 x 480 pixels: this optional feature takes the image quality to the next level – making the resolution of the thermal images four times higher
  • Built-in digital camera with power LEDs: ideal for assigning thermographic images to real images and thus for creating perfect documentation for customers
  • User-friendly operation: ergonomic rotating handle and rotatable, fold-out display
  • You can also choose to save thermal images as JPEGs
  • Panorama image assistant: in the case of large measurement objects, the panorama image assistant facilitates analysis and documentation of the measurement with an overall image stitched together from multiple individual images. So there is no need to manage, view and compare a large number of images, which can be laborious. Images of entire building shells are therefore feasible
  • SiteRecognition technology: for recurrent thermal imaging of similar measuring objects, the SiteRecognition technology offers immediate measurement location identification as well as automatic assignment and archiving of the thermal images
  • Optional high-temperature measurement up to 1200 °C: with the high-temperature option, the measuring range can be custom-extended to 1200 °C
  • Process analysis package (optional): the combination of fully radiometric video and sequence capturing in the camera enables wireless measurement and easier handling at the measuring location
  • Lens exchange option (e.g. to use optionally available additional lenses)
  • Voice recording using headset
  • Auto-focus for one-handed operation and to prevent blurred images
  • Professional software testo IRSoft: allows the thermographic images to be analyzed on the PC

5° x 3.7° super-telephoto lens:
  • Compatible super-telephoto lens for the testo 885 thermal imager
  • Small field of view (5° x 3.7°) for maximum resolution of particularly distant objects
  • Easy to handle: no additional lens holder needed


Delivery Scope

• testo 885 thermal imager with 5° super-telephoto lens
• Robust transport case
• Professional software testo IRSoft
• SD card
• USB cable
• Carrying strap
• Lens cleaning cloth
• Mains unit
• Li-ion rechargeable battery
• Headset

Safe high-temperature measurement in quality assurance

Whether in glass bottle manufacturing, ceramics or tile production: Wherever hot materials are processed, quality can suffer if machines and conveyor belts are not suitably heated. Testo thermal imagers allow you to test the exact temperatures from a safe distance. The thermal imagers testo 885 and testo 890, with high thermal resolution, measure up to 650 °C (optionally 1200 °C possible).

Operation does not need to be interrupted for the measurement. Apart from this, practical features help you in on-site evaluation: Thanks to area marking, min./max. temperatures from up to 5 marked areas are shown. And you can display up to 10 measurement points.

Maintenance: Checking hot furnaces and ladles

In industrial maintenance, thermal imagers are excellent for measuring high temperatures from a safe distance. This allows you to identify wear, damaged insulation and coking on furnaces and ladles. The thermal imagers testo 885 and testo 890 measure up to 650 °C – optionally even up to 1200 °C.

Thanks to the panorama image assistant, even large furnaces and machines can be recorded completely (ideal for rotary kilns in cement production). The software IRSoft for the evaluation of the images, and the process analysis package for recording thermal developments (optional), are also practical.

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