Thermocouple type K (length 2.2 m)

Order-Nr.  0600 7615

  • Thermocouple type K

  • Temperature measurements at sampling sites involving large diameters (> 1 m)

  • Easy to fit the thermocouple on the industrial probe set 1200 °C and the heated industrial probe set

Thermocouple (type K) for fast and easy temperature measurement.


Product Description

The 2.2m thermocouple is available as an accessory for the industrial probe set 1200 °C and the heated industrial probe set.

It will enable you to extend your industrial probe to a total length of 2m and carry out simultaneous temperature measurement.

Please note that the measuring range of this thermocouple is specified up to max. 1370 °C. For temperature measurements which exceed 1370 °C, we recommend a Type S thermocouple (measuring range up to 1760 °C).


The 2.2m thermocouple – in combination with the appropriate industrial probe and measuring instrument – is ideal for the following applications:

  • Measuring the furnace atmosphere
  • Emissions measurement for efficiency monitoring / commissioning industrial plants
  • Emissions measurements for the prior checking of limit values
  • Emissions measurements for checking flue gas cleaning systems
  • Emissions measurement to monitor prescribed limit values

Delivery Scope

1 x thermocouple type K (length 2.2 m).

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Technical Data

General technical data


99 g

Product-/housing material

Metal housing

Product colour


Diameter probe shaft

2 mm

Cable length

4 m

Length probe shaft

2.2 m

Temperature maximum

1,200 °C