Saveris Data Monitoring Products

testo Saveris base


The base is the heart of the testo Saveris data monitoring system and can connect up to 150 probes. Irrespective of the PC, 40,000 measuring values can be stored per measurement channel and this data can be transmitted via Ethernet or USB. The large display shows the alarms as well as the system data – this can also be indicated via LED/relays or SMS. In addition to the power supply via the mains, the testo Saveris base also includes an emergency battery for data backup.

Router, converter and extender for difficult conditions


The individual components of testo Saveris data monitoring system that can be combined toegther, offer practical solutions, even under difficult structural conditions. Several routers can be switched in series, while converters and extenders ensure the highest level of flexibility in data transmission, even over longer distances.

Radio probe for easy data transmission


Probe versions with internal and external temperature sensors and with humidity sensors allow adaptation to every application. The radio probes are available with or without a display as an option.

Ethernet probe for data transmission by cable


The existing LAN infrastructure can be used through the Ethernet probe. This allows data transmission from the probe to the base, even over long distances. Ethernet probes have a display.

testo Saveris software – Small Business Edition (SBE), Professional Edition (PROF) and CFR Version


Depending on your requirements, Testo offers you three different software packages, so that you have all the results of the data transmissions of your Testo data monitoring system easily under control from the PC. The comprehensive alarm management and flexible reporting system guarantee you easy, uninterrupted documentation and monitoring of your measurement values.
In addition to the attractive basic functions of the SBE version, the PROF software version offers you interesting additional functions, such as visual linking of measuring location and measuring value directly on the monitor or individual warning of several people by e-mail or SMS, depending on the day of the week and time.
In addition, the CFR version fulfils the requirements of the FDA's 21 CFR Part 11.

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