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  • Testo quick printer

    Order-Nr. 0554 0549

    Testo fast printer IrDA with wireless infrared interface; 1 roll thermal paper; 4 AA batteries
    • Evaluate restoration measures quickly and without error

    • Easy attachment of probes even at difficult-to-access places

    • Proof of services thanks to report creation

    Rs  27,164.00
    GST and accessories extra
  • Mobile printer for data loggers - Mobile printer for data loggers

    Order-Nr. 0572 0576

    Using data loggers from Testo and need to produce quick proof of the measured values? With our mobile printer, you can create a printout of the readings at the actual measuring location, thus providing immediate proof.
    • Handy printer 

    • Printout of readings at the measuring location

    • For data loggers in the testo 175, testo 176 and testo 184 series

    • Data logger connection via NFC or USB

  • USB connection cable instrument to PC

    Order-Nr. 0449 0047

    Use the USB connection cable for data transmission between instrument and PC.
    • Ideal for data transmission between PC and measuring instrument

    Rs  2,445.00
    GST and accessories extra
  • SD card

    Order-Nr. 0554 8803

    SD card - for collecting the measurement data from the data loggers testo 175 and testo 176; 2 GB; application range to -20 °C
    Rs  3,362.00
    GST and accessories extra
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