Benefit twice from refrigeration technology from Testo

If you buy a digital manifold testo 550 , testo 557 or testo 570 kit
by 30. June 2019, you receive a high-quality electrical screwdriver
(value up to Rs. 4000/- approx) ABSOLUTELY FREE.

This allows you not only to carry out servicing on refrigeration
systems faster and more easily, you also have a practical
multifunction tool always ready to hand.
testo 550 testo 557 kit
Bosch multitool

This high-quality electrical screwdriver could soon be yours.

  • 4 times more powerful than any existing screw driver in size and form
  • Intuitive operation style – Just push to drive screws (Push & Go)
  • Intelligent E-clutch stops when you want to stop.
Wera multitool

3 steps to your tool

1. Buy testo 550/testo 557/testo 570 in a kit

Refrigeration measurement technology Testo

Buy one of the three sets from participating distributors.

2. Register and submit invoice

Refrigeration measuring instruments digital
Register on this page, and after successful registration, send a copy of the invoice to Testo by e-mail.

3. Enjoy your pro tool

Measurement technology refrigeration systems

You receive the tool for free.

You can register here


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Conditions for participation in the give-away promo “Testo spring refrigeration promotion 2019”

The following conditions apply to the participation in the Testo Spring Refrigeration Promotion 2019.

1. Organizer
The organizer of the promo is Testo India, Plot No.23, Sind Society, Baner Road,
Aundh, Pune, 411007. The promo will be handled by Testo India directly.
2. Promotional object
The object of the promo is the granting of a cost-free give-away with the purchase of one of the Testo measuring instrument kits testo 550, testo 557 or testo 570 and the subsequent sending in of the promo code together with a copy of the invoice or delivery note.
3. Eligibility for participation
Eligible for participation are natural persons resident in India. Employees of the organizer, affiliated companies and other companies involved in the conception and implementation of the promo, as well as their next of kin, are excluded from participation. Participation is possible from the age of 18 years.
4. Participation in the promo
In order to participate in the promo, the participant must purchase a promo instrument from Testo's Authorised Distributor in India, in the period from 15 April 2019 to 30 June 2019, whether in his/her own name or on behalf of a company. The participant must then register at and receives a promo code by e-mail. This promo code must be submitted by the 31st of July 2019 together with a copy of the invoice or delivery note for the promo instrument by e-mail to
By submitting the promo code, the risk of loss is transferred to the participant and the the participant accepts these conditions for participation.
Each participant can participate in the promo only once per purchased promo instrument. Multiple participation by giving differing or multiple address data, or other manipulative activities, will lead to the immediate exclusion of the participant from the promo.
The prerequisite for the registration, and therefore participation, is the agreement to receive application-specific information by e-mail. Every participant can revoke permission the use of his/her e-mail address for this purpose at any time. This renders the entitlement to the give-away void, insofar as this has not already been supplied at that time. Without registration, the give-away (see. No. 5) can be purchased from tool retailers.
5. Give-away
After a successful eligibility check, every participant receives a give-away in the form of a high quality multitool. Testo India sends the give-away to the participant by post. Cannot be exchanged for cash. Eligibility for the give-away is non-transferrable.
6. Liability
Testo India is not liable for any damages which occur in the course of the implementation of the promo, unless the organizer has caused the damage through gross negligence or intention, or has violated a contractual (cardinal) obligation. In the case of slight violation of cardinal obligations, the liability of the organizer is limited to predictable, contractually typical damages. Liability in the case of culpable damage to life, body or health due to malicious concealment of defects is unaffected. Liability according to the product liability legislation is unaffected.
7. Data protection
The data from the participants recorded in the framework of the promo will be recorded, stored and used for the implementation of the promo and for future marketing/ information purpose.