Product overview testo Saveris 2

testo Saveris 2 works so simply that you do not need much in order to begin monitoring temperature. You have a working WiFi net at the measurement site, and own an device with which you can access the internet (smartphone, tablet, PC). Then all you need are the right wireless data loggers with probes. We provide you with free access to the online data storage (Testo-Cloud).


What you need from us:

  1. WiFi data loggers with probes for the measurement of humidity, temperature or door contact
  2. Access to the Cloud (online data store) available free of charge

What you should already have:

  • Wireless LAN network at the measurement location
  • Smartphone, PC or tablet, with which you can call up the measurement data in the online data store (Testo Cloud)

Do you have any questions?

1. Wireless data loggers

You can select from the following wireless data loggers:


Modeltesto Saveris 2 T1 wireless data loggertesto Saveris 2 T2 wireless data loggertesto Saveris 2 T3 wireless data logger
Measurement parameterTemperatureTemperature and/ or door contactTemperature
ProbeInternal temperature probe2 external probes can be connected: NTC or door contact probe2 external TC probes can be connected


Modeltesto Saveris 2 H1 wireless data loggertesto Saveris 2 H2 wireless data logger
Measurement parameterHumidity and temperatureHumidity and temperature
ProbeInternal temperature/ humidity probe1 external temperature/ humidity probe connectable


2. Access to Testo Cloud (online data store)

We offer a free Cloud access for your WiFi data logger system. You can use it to view and manage the measurement values stored online, and to use the alarm function (e-mail or optional SMS alarm). The Testo Cloud is also the central operating element of your system.


With your Cloud access, you get:

  • Central operating element for setting up your system, and secure protection of your measurement data from access by third parties
  • Automatic storage of your measurement values, all measurement data are constantly available to you
  • Documentation and management of your measurement data
  • Alarm function for critical values
  • Various Cloud packages: Basic functionality free, extended functionality Advanced available free of charge until 31.12.2016.

Our Cloud packages in comparison

Data storagefor up to 3 months (wrap-around memory)for up to 12 months (wrap-around memory)
Reportsmanual (.pdf/.csv)manual (.pdf/.csv)
automatic (.pdf/.csv)
Data analysisfor one measurement channel eachfor up to 10 measurement channels simultaneously
E-mail alarmyesyes
SMS alarm (Standard)noincluding 25 SMS per logger/year
SMS alarm (Optional)noUpto 250 SMS per logger/year