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Now measure just with your smartphone!

Dec 2015 :
Testo, extends their range of digital measurement solutions with the new Testo Smart Probes. These innovative, pocket-sized pro measuring instruments can be intuitively operated by smartphone via a free App, and transported in a space-saving case. They are suitable for all important temperature, humidity, pressure and flow velocity measurements.
The smartphone makes our day-to-day life easier in almost every aspect. Taking this thought as the idea, Testo decided to integrate the feature of smart working into measurement tasks as well and the result is eight compact measuring instruments which can be connected to the smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth, and conveniently and intuitively operated via App. Despite their small format, the Smart Probes are equipped with the market leader's customary pro measurement technology, and are suitable for all important temperature, humidity, pressure and flow velocity measurements.

Launching Air Capture Hood Testo 420 with Least Weight and Increased Precision.

2015 Nov:
Testo now offers a new air capture hood for larger air intakes and outlets, with the lowest weight in the market, and a unique level of precision. The testo 420 redefines previous standards, and stands out thanks to its easy handling and increased efficiency with an App integration. With it, the company is extending the range of VAC measuring instrument products, establishing itself in volume flow measurement as an innovative world market leader of the field of portable measurement technology.
Light, precise and convenient – with a weight of less than 2.9 kg, the testo 420 is the lightest air capture hood in the market. With regard to measurement precision too, the testo 420 sets new standards. Especially at swirl outlets, the flow straightener from Testo significantly reduces the usual measurement errors.

German Federal Association of Food lnspectors recommends testo 270 Cooking oil tester

Aug 2015 :
We are proud to announce that German Federal Association of Food Inspectors recommended testo 270 for cooking oil testing. German Federal Association of Food lnspectors tested testo 270 in places such as commercial kitchens, hotels, canteens, restaurants, bistros, snack-bars, social establishments as well as in general kitchen areas. German association applauded the easy, safe and comfortable handling of instrument. The testo 270 allows precise control of the polar parts in oil, fast measurement with visual indication is a special benefit.

Because every drop is valuable – the new cooking oil tester testo 270

Mar 2015 :
With the testo 270, Testo AG launches the new generation of their proven cooking oil tester testo 270 onto the market. With it, the measurement technology specialist from the Black Forest enables the quality of cooking oil to be determined even faster. This ensures the quality of deep-fried foods, and reduces expenditure for cooking oil by up to 20 %.

App for the next generation of digital refrigeration manifolds: the new testo 557 and testo 550.

May 2015:
Better performance, precision, convenience: Testo fulfils the increased markets demands and raises the efficiency bar yet again with the new generation of digital manifolds. The highlight is the App for wireless integration of mobile devices into the new manifolds testo 550 and testo 557. The new entry-level model testo 549, with its attractive price-performance ratio, is intended to convince analog users of the advantages of digital manifolds.

testo Saveris 2- the NEW WiFi data logger system

Jan 2015 :
Testo India added yet another innovation to its product basket with the launch of new WiFi data logger system testo Saveris 2, a result of temperature and humidity monitoring re-thought.
Wherever you happen to be- you may now have your processes’ climatic conditions under control.
Saveris 2- a system consisting WiFi data loggers and a Cloud data store, is the modern solution for the monitoring of storage and work rooms.
Testo Saveris 2 aids reliable recording of temperature and humidity at defined intervals, and transmits the measurement values directly by WiFi to the Testo cloud. The measurement values stored in the cloud then can be evaluated from anywhere and at any point of time using an internet-capable smartphone, tablet or PC. It can store up to 10000 measurement values per channel. Limit value violations are immediately reported via e-mail or optionally by SMS.