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The NEW stand alone & touch free thermal scanning kiosk with testo 872 thermal camera.

September 2020 :
Moving forward in the new normal with the existing COVID 19 pandemic situation and it becomes very necessary for all workplaces and public areas to implement equally effective precautionary measures. Testo being a market leader in T&M sector brings to you the new touch free and stand-alone thermal scanning system for escalated body temperature measurements that keeps your workplace safe.

In the times to come when schools, colleges, institutes, theaters , malls , temples, train stations, metro stations are about to open, this advanced  thermal scanning system will be crucial for the safety of the people from the point of view of reducing the spread of the Covid-19 as the new kiosk arrangement mounted with thermal camera testo 872 & visual display monitor makes the scanning process more intuitive, safe and free from any human interface requirements with its automated testing, recording, system configuration and reporting options.