Efficiency measurement

With increasing energy costs and stricter environmental protection regulations, the efficiency of thermal processes is becoming more and more significant. Flue gas analysers from Testo support you in the optimum adjustment and monitoring of cobustion systems and of your production plants, contributing to the competitiveness of your company. It helps is optimising fuel consumption and thereby cost savings.

3 products or recommendations for Efficiency measurement
  • Transport case for secure and tidy storage

    Order-Nr. 0516 3510

    Store your equipment securely in the robust transport case: the case provides enough storage space for the appropriate measuring instrument, probes and accessories.
    • Can be used between plug-in head cable and instrument

    Price on Request
  • Analog output unit kit

    Order-Nr. 0554 3149

    The analog output unit enables the output of up to 6 measurement channels as analog signals (4 to 20 mA). Use the analog output unit, for example to output the readings to an analog printer.
    • Output of 6 measurement channels as analog signals (4 to 20mA)

    • Included in the kit: analog output unit, Testo data bus connection cable (length 2 m), Testo data bus terminal

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  • Transport bag for probes

    Order-Nr. 0516 7600

    The transport bag is ideal for transporting probes with an overall length of more than 335 mm. It enables you to bring probes, such as industrial or modular flue gas probes, to the application site easily.
    • For transporting probes with an overall length of > 335 mm

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