Power distribution systems

It is absolutely essential to prevent energy distribution systems from malfunctioning due to the far-reaching consequences. Faulty connections on high-voltage masts can be particularly critical here. With thermal imagers, you can check out temperature increases without any contact and from a safe distance: without putting yourself at risk and without having to switch off the high-voltage system.


Thermographic inspection – for trouble-free operation


Energy distributor malfunctions or failures can pose a serious risk to the security of supply. Signs of wear, material fatigue or cable breakages on the high-voltage lines are often the cause. These are often preceded by temperature increases due to increased resistance. With the early detection of these anomalies using thermography, damage to components and the threat of power failures in high-voltage systems can be prevented simply and efficiently. Energy distribution is therefore guaranteed on a permanent basis.

Ideal thermal imagers


Not only can you use the high-resolution testo 885 in camcorder format (with rotary handle and foldable and pivotable display) to reliably detect damage to mechanical system components as part of your mechanical maintenance. The patent-pending SiteRecognition technology also provides extremely efficient inspection route management.

Other recommended thermal imagers.