►  Which products do Testo make?

► Which innovations can Testo look back on?

 ► Do you also offer workshops and seminars?

► Does Testo also offer used instruments at special reduced prices?

► Is there a minimum order value for Testo end customers?

► What is the difference between a calibration report and an ISO or DAkks calibration certificate?

► Which services do Testo offer?

► Who can I turn to if I have any queries about products?

► What is the Testo service adress and the contact details?

► Where and how can I buy/procure Testo measuring instruments/measuring technology?


 ► Which products do testo make?

The Testo product range is divided into 4 sections:

Hand-held instruments

Portable instruments (mainly hand-held for readings) to measure temperatures, humidity, air flow, pressure, pH values, conductivity, illumination levels, sound level, water activity, and instruments for adjusting refrigeration systems.

Infrared and thermography

Non-contact instruments for measuring temperatures. These instruments record the infrared radiation being given off by an object (thermal radiation) and display this either as an individual value or thermal image.

Gas analysis

Measuring instruments that analyse the different flue gas parameters of heating systems or industrial burners, thus helping adjust them to be more environmentally-friendly.

Measurement systems

This group's products are usually used at customers' site as stationary systems. They are mainly used for measuring humidity, moisture and temperature in processes, cold storage warehouses, machines and systems.



► Which innovations can Testo look back on?

From 1970 to 2000, the range was extended by new measurement parameters:

1978 The first digital speedometers appear.

1981 Testoterm builds the first flue gas analyzer, the testo 3100

1987 The first instruments for the mass market: the mini-class

1989 The testo 33 appears - a compact flue gas analyzer weighing just 3kg.

1990 After 10 years of research, the first hygrometers appear featuring a testo humidity sensor.

1993 Market launch of the testostor 170 data logger, predecessor to today's data logger. The new measurement parameters of sound (testo 815) and lux (testo 545) are launched onto the market. The company name officially changes from Testoterm to testo.

1997 The standard-setting class appears, highly accurate instruments with memory function .

2000 The testo 260 allows Testo to determine the quality of cooking oil for the first time without chemicals, helping to make work considerably easier for chefs.

2002 testo 555 / 556 enables refrigeration systems to be electronically monitored for the first time.

2004 testo 330 becomes the new star on the flue gas analyzer market. The compact instrument provides information about the service status of its components at the touch of a button.

The same year, testo 265 the first portable cooking oil analyzer is introduced.

2005 The new Compact and Professional Line, comprising 17 instruments, becomes a market success. The instruments excel with their modern design and good price/performance ratio.

2007 A year of 'product fireworks' to mark the company's 50th anniversary. In addition to the brand new thermal imaging camera testo 880, the Pocket Line appears, the new humidity/moisture transmitter, and the new refrigeration instruments.

2010 New versions of the refrigeration instruments, the emissions analyzer testo 350, and the thermal imaging camera provide additional turnover on our markets

2011 Market launch of the VAC analyzer testo 480. The instrument offers high quality, digital probes and an intelligent calibration concept.

2012 Testo launches the new thermal imaging camera models t 885 and t 890. The cameras offer outstanding image quality with a detector size of up to 640 x 480 pixels.

The pressure and leakage measurement instrument t 324 is also introduced.

2013 After years of development work, Testo introduces the particulate matter measurement instrument t 380.


► Do you also offer workshops and seminars?
Yes, we offer a variety of hands-on worshops and seminars on the topic of measuring technology.

(We can conduct seminars & workshops in your plants and locations you suggest. You can send us your requests on: info@testoindia.com)



 ► Does Testo also offer used instruments at special reduced prices?
No, Testo does not offer used instruments.



► Is there a minimum order value for Testo end customers?
No, for Testo end customers there is no minimum order/contract value.



► What is the difference between a calibration report and an ISO or DAkks calibration certificate?
Calibration report

A calibration report is a document detailing the system accuracy of the product ex works. It does not fulfil the formal requirements of an ISO or DAkks certificate.
The calibration result and all the information required for this are documented in a calibration certificate.
In general, a difference is made between DAkkS certificates and ISO certificates (factory certificate). Although not specified in a standard, the minimum contents for ISO certificates have been established within the framework of a DAkkS check list.

ISO certificates (factory certificates)

The QA systems of industrial companies, and now also those of service providers, banks, insurance companies, retailers, hospitals etc. have been certified since 1987. In addition, there are further sector-specific laws, standards and directives in the pharmaceutical industry (CFR, GMP), in the food industry (HACCP), in the medical engineering industry (ISO 13485), and in the automotive industry (VDA, QS9000, ISO TS 16949). For all these directives and standards, the introduction and maintenance of test equipment management, including calibration, is an indispensable element.
The ISO certificates (factory certificates) of Testo industrial services are a low-cost alternative to DAkkS calibration certificates. They satisfy the requirements of:

  • ISO 9001:2008
  • VDA
  • ISO 10012-2003
  • QS9000
  • GMP
  • ISO TS 16949
  • CFR
  • ISO 13485

DAkkS certificates

DAkkS GmbH (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle) confirms the competence calibration and testing laboratories demonstrate in carrying out calibrations compliant with DIN EN ISO 17025. The calibration results achieved in these laboratories are the most highly reliable - after those of the state institutions (in Germany the PTB) - and are binding in courts. International conventions and DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025, the globally applicable accreditation basis, ensure that they are recognised and valid internationally.
DAkkS certificates are the ideal solution for all users of measuring instruments who require a particularly high degree of safety, accuracy and reliability. Test equipment in the following sectors is often covered by DAkkS certificates:

  • Factory and working standards
  • Acceptance testing authorities
  • Experts
  • Testing laboratories



► Which services do Testo offer?

Parts replacement service

Testo will help you quickly and conveniently!
Our parts replacement service will supply you with replacement parts or measuring cells. Phone, fax or write us an e-mail to enable us to dispatch the replacement parts. The order can be made at Testo India Pune Office.

Repair service

So, if your measuring instrument is not working in the right way anymore or something is broken down – we will have a look at it and repair it with the quality we are known for.

Calibration services

We have our own calibration laboratory. Your instruments can be calibrated locally at our Head Office in Pune maintaining the International standards so finally the accuracy of your measuring results is also as accurate as our master calibrator.



► Who can I turn to if I have any queries about products?

Please drop us your requests on info@testoindia.com and we shall get in touch with you to help you with your queries.

You can also call us on +91 20 6560 0203 between 9:00 AM to 6:30 PM, Monday to Friday.



► What is the Testo service address and the contact details?

Testo Service & Calibration facility is located at Pune Head Office.

Please feel free to cotact us at:

Head Office: Testo India Pvt Ltd.

Plot No. 23, Sind Society, Baner Road, Aundh, Pune - 411007,
Maharashtra, India

Tel: +91 20 6560 020 | Fax: +91 20 2585 0080
Email: info@testoindia.com

Get in touch with us and our responsible person will help you with your calibration and service related issues.



 ► Where and how can I buy/procure Testo measuring instruments/measuring technology?
Testo products can be purchased either directly from Testo India Pvt. Ltd. or through Testo India's dealers that span across the country.