Leak detectors for common refrigerants

Whether they are on gas or water pipes, leaks can lead to serious consequences for a house. Devastating explosions and fires are caused by leaky gas pipelines. Even smaller leaks in the gas pipelines, some of which cannot be detected by odour, lead directly to higher consumption and, in the long run, increase the risk of accidents.That is why it is important for you to carry out leak detection as quickly and efficiently as possible through professional commissioning, optimum setting, regular maintenance, random leak detection and endoscopic measurement.

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  • testo 882 - IR Camera

    Order-Nr. 0560 0882

    The testo 882 IR Camera is the most precise one-hand thermal imaging camera with pistol grip design from Testo. Special measuring modes including moisture image or high temperature option make it ideal for a wide variety of different applications.
    • Easy, one-handed operation for quick and easy thermal imaging

    • Premium image quality: thermal image resolution 320 x 240 pixels / 640 x 480* pixels

    • Precise measurements: thermal sensitivity < 50 mK

    • 32°lens, automatic hot/cold spot recognition

    Price on Request
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