Mechanical maintenance

Reliable early detection of damage to production-relevant system components is essential in order to guarantee the safety and reliability of the system. This means that costly downtimes can be avoided. Heat generation, especially from mechanical components, may indicate an elevated level of stress. With thermal imagers, you can detect critical heat conditions directly during operation.

Maintenance rather than repair


A repair of mechanical components should always be a last resort. This is because those responsible for smooth operation and for maintaining mechanical production plants naturally wish to avoid downtimes and malfunctions as far as possible. Innovative thermal imagers from Testo assist with the detection and analysis of thermal anomalies.

Without contact during operation

Signs of wear in machinery often become apparent long before a malfunction, due to an increase in temperature. Possible causes are friction, incorrect adjustment, tolerances of mechanical components or a lack of lubricant. With a thermal imager, any suspicious changes can be spotted immediately. The main advantage of infrared measurement in a maintenance operation: it is non-contact and can therefore be carried out on all mechanical installations during operation and from a safe distance.

Ideal thermal imagers


Not only can you use the high-resolution testo 885 in camcorder format (with rotary handle and foldable and pivotable display) to reliably detect damage to mechanical system components as part of your mechanical maintenance. The patent-pending SiteRecognition technology also provides extremely efficient inspection route management.

Other recommended thermal imagers.