testo 270: Cooking oil tester for professionals

Cooking oil in the deep fat fryer has a direct impact on all kinds of factors: spent cooking oil has a negative effect on the flavour and digestibility of deep-fried food. Changing the cooking oil too soon leads to unnecessary costs.

The testo 270 is Testo user-friendly solution for controlling cooking oil consumption and guaranteeing cooking oil quality.

The testo 270 cooking oil tester now comes in a new design which has once more been significantly improved and is specifically tailored to requirements.

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NEW testo 270: The advantages


  • Large display
  • Illuminated display
  • Clear alarms


  • Sturdy construction
  • Can be washed under running water (IP 65)


  • New design with improved ergonomics
  • Safe work, thanks to distance from the hot oil

Testing cooking oil

The requirements

  • Guaranteeing quality
  • Costs: Managing consumption
  • Control: Adhering to limit values

The solution: testo 270

  • Simple measurement of TPM(Total Polar Material)/
    TPC(Total Polar Compound)
  • Oil change when needed
  • Notification when limit values are exceeded
Product details

Knowledge: Cooking oil measurement

  • Basics of the HACCP concept
  • Basics of fats and oils
  • Measuring process handling tip

Measuring cooking oil quality with the testo 270

testo 270 cooking oil tester. Intuitive, robust, safe.