Easy, automated and uninterrupted: the testo Saveris data monitoring system

The testo Saveris data monitoring system is ideally suited for temperature monitoring and temperature control in the most demanding applications. It provides fully automatic measurement of temperature and humidity values - ideal for uses that include the following:

  • Process monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Monitoring of the ambient conditions in buildings
  • Monitoring of processes in research and development, laboratories and hospitals
  • Monitoring the ambient transport conditions for sensitive goods

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Measurement supervision with a data monitoring system – this is how it works:

  • Up to 150 data loggers (Cloud loggers) can be combined in one system for temperature and humidity measurement.
  • Measuring values are transmitted to the testo Saveris base.
  • Finally, all the data are seamlessly collected together in the testo Saveris software, enabling analysis.

testo Saveris system overview

Radio and Ethernet probes:

testo Saveris radio and ethernet probes

Measures and sends data

  • Temperature and humidity measurement
  • Individually positionable and extendable

testo Saveris base

Data monitoring system

Documente les données

  • Stores > 18 million values
  • Alarm visualization
  • Extendable: router, coupler and lots more

testo Saveris software

Temperature monitoring

Displays data

  • Secure, central archiving of data
  • Measurement data analysis
  • Measurement data evaluation

testo Saveris applications

Download: Temperature control and wireless monitoring with testo Saveris in use

Wireless temperature monitoring

testo Saveris in hospitals

The free download of the application example "Measurement data monitoring in clinics and hospitals with testo Saveris" tells you how the testo Saveris data monitoring system proves its worth in clinical practice. Uses here include monitoring the storage of pharmaceuticals and blood stocks.

Cold chain monitoring with a data logger system

testo Saveris is thus used in the food industry for HACCP compliance and to ensure the quality, safety and shelf life of foods. Download "Compliance with HACCP directives in the food industry with testo Saveris" now.

Your advantages with the testo Saveris 2 data monitoring system

  • Significant time and cost savings due to fully automated humidity and temperature monitoring.
  • More reliability thanks to a variety of alarm notification options.
  • Uninterrupted documentation and detailed analysis of the measuring values in the testo Saveris software.

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Product solution
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Recommendation for you: data loggers from Testo

Data loggers are particularly suitable when your application requires measurement data monitoring. These small aids measure and document a really wide variety of measurement parameters. Measuring values have to either be read out manually or sent via WiFi to the Testo Cloud. There they can be accessed by any internet-capable terminal device.


Data loggers for pressure

The pressure measurement parameter also has to be measured and monitored in many applications. A pressure data logger is used to do this. It measures, monitors and documents the absolute pressure. Amongst other applications, it is ideal for laboratories where consistent pressure conditions are needed.

Data loggers for CO₂

Carbon dioxide is one of the most important factors influencing indoor air quality (IAQ). If the CO₂ content is too high, the users of a room feel tired and unwell. Headaches and poor concentration may also occur. That is why it is important to monitor CO₂with a CO₂ data logger.

Data loggers for UV

Many items in museums, galleries and archives are light-sensitive and must not be exposed to too much UV radiation. This would endanger the valuable exhibits and reduce their value. That is why there is increasing use of UV data loggers in these applications.

Data loggers for vibrations

When sensitive goods, such as artworks or high-tech products, are being transported, vibrations must only vary within a defined tolerance range. This is monitored using a shock data logger.