Solutions for comprehensive quality management

For 60 years, we've been developing measurement solutions for demanding target groups, and we know: Analogue documentation and manual work are quality risks, and cost time and money. In order to support you in increasing quality noticeably, and fulfilling compliance more efficiently, we have developed the testo Saveris Solutions. They combine innovative measurement technology with intuitively operated software and individual services. For you, that means:

  • Highly efficient management of your quality data in one system
  • More reliability and transparency
  • Full control and possibility of reacting quickly to malfunctions

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testo Solutions Restaurant

testo Saveris Restaurant

Automated quality management for restaurant chains.

  • Fulfil compliance: Internal and legally prescribed regulations are transparently integrated into workflows
  • Increase quality: Foods are produced more safely, and quality controls carried out more efficiently
  • Cost savings: Checks are automated and quality handbooks digitalized

Compliance, quality and control with solutions from Testo
Compliance, quality and control with solutions from Testo